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The BenQ Bis-1 intraoral scanner is an essential processing and diagnostic support tool for dental impressions. With its advanced technology, BenQ Bis-1 enables high-resolution images of dental arches or their sections to be captured, making it possible to fabricate customized dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

BenQ Bis-1 offers increased precision and reduced processing time, ensuring optimal and satisfactory results for the patient. Learn about the processing and diagnostic support tools available to support BenQ Bis-1.

Processing tools

Impronta dentaria

Adjust coordinates

This function lets users orientate the arches so that a correctly aligned file is sent to the laboratory or the 3D printer.

Impronta dentaria

Mark teeth

Individual marking of dental elements lets the user generate a detailed information set for the production of each restoration project, with specification of colour, the material to be used or other info.

Impronta dentaria

Highlight the margin line

Automatic on-preparation zoom allows easy drawing of the margin line to be shared with the lab.

Diagnostic support tools

Impronta dentaria

Check undercuts

Select the analysis area, set the insertion axis and check for the presence of undercuts and their relative intensity.

Impronta dentaria

Check the bite

Analyse occlusion of the patient’s dental arches, verify contact points and inter-occlusal distance.